NOVA Learning & Event is  your organization's go to partner when it comes to learning development and

event management. From advising on the most suitable LMS for your organization to developing and implementing a long term learning strategy

including creation of high quality online courses. 


Learning development is a complex area. It involves a set of multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary roles and functions: involving teaching, coaching, research, designing, producing learning content etc. It also involves focusing on staff development, policy-making and other consultative activities. NOVA can provide a single part or a full range of services when it comes to learning management:

  • Perform course inventory
  • Analyse current / future learning needs
  • Produce course development strategy in order to cover your learning needs
  • Create an online academy to make your competence development more efficient
  • Set up user-support for your LMS; website for users, platform for support staff and processes. 


Arranging an event involves many components which can go wrong and ruin the participants’ experience. NOVA can step in and take care of the logistical part of your event, so you can focus on what you do best.  The following services can be provided:

  • Pre-event planning assistance
  • Invitations and registration administration
  • Arranging location, catering, refreshments etc.
  • Printing and other onsite support
  • Post-event administration and follow up


Is your organization looking for a Learning Management System to make your competence development more efficient? Finding the right system is not easy. There are many LMS out on the market and to find one that suits your organization's needs can be both challenging and time consuming. With my experience I can help you in this process. The following services can be provided:

  • Evaluate your current LMS 
  • Analyse the needs in a new LMS
  • Procure a new LMS for your organization
  • Implement and/ or develop an implementation strategy for the new LMS


With many options available, choosing the right delivery model for your competence development activities can be difficult. Sometimes an e-learning course is the best solution and next time micro learning or flipped classroom is the best option. The solution needs to be effective and resonate with your learners, but also meet your budget. NOVA can help you by:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Addressing your underlying needs
  • Developing high quality courses based on flexible learning, tailored to your company's specific needs in Adapt Builder,Articualte Rise, or directly in your LMS. 


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